We hire double pneumatic and polyethylene kayaks which are hire on own responsibility. 

Rafting Dunajec runs through the picturesque Pieniny National Park.
Our customers are going down the river with the assistance of instructors in pontoons.
TIMING: Approximate time: 2 hours
ROUTE: Sromowce Niżne (marina rafting) - Szczawnica 

ROUTE: Sromowce Niżne - Szczawnica - 14 km
TIME: Depending on the water level  from 1.5 to 2 h
DEPARTURE TIME: 11:00 am and 14:00
DIFFICULTY: Easy/Intermediate 

We provide :
- rubber kayaks gumotex palava,
- polyethylene kayaks,
- helmets, vests, paddles,
- waterproof packaging.

Rafting powrót rowerem  Rafting Dunajec powrót busem  rafting pieniny

Active: 80 pln Comfort: 70 pln Basic: 60 pln 

Active package until 31 th od August. 

Necessary things:
T-shirt, shorts, athletic shoes, towel + dry clothes.